module form

Identity of the new product

Selection of designer – individual briefing for the designer – guided drafting process – internal assessment

Shape of the new product

first visualising in 3D – examination of targets – suitability for collection

Phase feedback – changes – additions

Involvement of sales administration

Presentation of new product: shape – material – function – target price – ability to be commissioned

Technical implementation

three-dimensional display of the new product – deduction of individual parts – functional details – specification of externally supplied components

manufacturing a prototype under conditions equal to in-house production – optional 3D print
Phase feedback – changes – additions

Basis for quotations of externally supplied components – accompanying the quotation phase – price comparison lists
manufacturing costs considering target-setting – selling price: examination of priceworthiness

final determining of variations and possibilities of ability to be commissioned

calculation of delivery time: warehousing – production time - delivery