market orientation more
Does your style suit
your target group?

Yes? And what else have you to offer to all the others?

Possibly you defined your target group too narrowly? We take care of enlarging your customer group.

Therefore, our designing your products goes way beyond the design of the actual piece of furniture. To us it is extremely important to put a high value on marketing, sales and customer orientation.

Because we want to multiply rather than to narrow down.

Grit your teeth
and get to it? more
To overcome lean

The success you hoped for does not arrive?

Interpret the crisis as an opportunity and use the additional time you won. Take a look at your portfolio with a critical eye. What parts of it have always irritated you?

Start with something new. Create an impetus so that you are better perceived by others. Often, this is much more easy than to persistently stick to the customary.

And more successful.

A good idea more
... does not create
a successful piece of

A good idea resembles a small child.

You cannot leave it unattended. Until it is able to walk alone and speak for itself. Completely without your support. We are the godparents. We will support you in bringing your project onto a good path.

The world is full of good ideas. Together, we will find the one which is going to pay off for you.

A change of perspective more
Sometimes you have to turn
everything upside down

What makes your customers tick?

Maybe something different from what would be true for you. Nevertheless, you want to reach them. And this can only succeed if you can appraise their expectations correctly.

Therefore, we will regularly appear in different roles: we can be retailers, or the buyers of your furniture.

This always leads us to astonishing findings.

Mission furniture development more
Do not wait for the
right moment

Do not only start when you have to. Time pressure is not a good drive for motivation.

Development cannot be seen as an annoying compulsory exercise. It needs to be approached as a sovereign play with all the possibilities you have. Avoid mad rushes and potshots.

Raising a trial balloon at the next trade fair? This can get expensive. Because a newly developed product is not just a declaration of intent.

But a statement.

A new design more
Are you really

You approach projects by starting with the design?

We do not. The design is not the basis but the result of our considerations. Everything else would be coincidence. Therefore we leave finished designs in the drawer. Certainly, they are brilliant. But unfortunately they do not suit you, just as little as the designs of your competitors.

We are very well in the know about the task, the market and your individual situation.

Only then do we begin drawing.

or Revolution? more
Only melt the top of
the iceberg, please!

Only a little readjusting or go for the large-scale project straight away?

We will find out together with you. You tell us what moves you, thus creating a picture in our minds – and the security for your decisions.

Based on that, the correct actions will arise automatically.

Always appropriately and economically.

course correction more
It does not hurt to develop
something new

You live with complicated processes?

We too are permanently confronted with that. This is why we keep a low profile and the processes as tightly structured as possible.

Not only occasionally the easy solutions are not detectable at first sight. But it is definitely worth it, looking out for them.

Me too? more
We prefer

We bring your hidden potentials to light and create furniture that only you produce and thus sell profitably. Nobody else.

Because of that we do not esteem clones at all. If you want to copy your competitors' top-seller, you do not need us. But maybe you do as soon as you were unsuccessful doing that.

Then we will develop a distinctive product together with you - the source being only your own company’s DNA.

One of our maxims more

Simplicity provides identification and confidence in times of uncertainty and fast visual stimuli.

Simplicity is to be distinguished from the trivial: the hastily made product, the mostly unattained aim to be original as well as the supposed trends.

And yet simplicity is shy - it is often hidden behind the superficial.

We let simplicity step forwards.

Quo vadis? more
We put you in a position to
really attract attention

Namely in the minds of your customers.

Thus, we are providing your new furniture with its own history. This generates identity, sympathy and intimacy - and makes your product worthy to be remembered with pleasure.

Without thinking about the price all the time.

The need for innovations more
Back to the future

Tried and tested concepts do not work anymore?

But you believe these concepts are the core of your brand? Then you are throwing away your most precious potential.

Think about the beginnings of your company. Everything was new then, too: your strategies, your products, as well as your market. Everything was conform with the time and was successful. This lay the foundations for your company.

Never forget that.